Health Savings Account

How does a KEMBA HSA benefit a business?


Our representatives will help you establish HSAs for your associates.


Deposits and earnings can continue to grow from one year to the next.


Tiered interest rates: The higher the account balance, the higher the interest rate your employees earn.


Employees can make their own payments using their Debit Card or a check.

Business Savings & Deposits

Health Savings Account

For 2020, you may contribute up to $3,550 for individual coverage or up to $7,100 for family coverage. Both individuals and employers can contribute to an HSA, but the limit must not be exceeded. Individuals over the age of 55 (and not yet enrolled in Medicare) can make additional “catch up” contributions of up to $1,000.


How does a KEMBA HSA benefit the employee?

  • Tax free dividends.
  • Reduced income tax liability.
  • Easy account set-up.
  • Tiered interest rates encourage long term savings.
  • Easy access to funds: Pay with your Debit Card or a check.
  • Portability: The money belongs to you. If you change jobs or move, the money stays in your account and is yours to use on qualified medical expenses.
  • With the tax advantages and benefits of a HSA, you are in control.


For more information about KEMBA HSAs, stop by one of our branches,

or call 614.235.2395 or 800.282.6420, option 4.


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