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What is an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM)?

An Interactive Teller Machine is a new way of banking! During business hours, you will have the option to be face-to-face with a live person via video, or choose a self-service option which allow you to conduct transactions without assistance. Our ITMs will be called KEMBA Interactive Tellers, or KITs for short.
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How does it work?

Simply touch the screen to begin. You can choose to be connected to a Video Teller or use ATM functionality. When choosing to be connected to a Video Teller you will be asked to scan your ID for identification purposes.
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Where are the Video Tellers located?

Tellers will move to centralized locations but will remain the same dedicated individuals you have been accustomed to seeing at your branch.
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Why is KEMBA making this change?

This new technology enables a more streamlined approach to conducting your banking business with tellers and may reduce your wait time. Plus, you will have access to more services after hours, including making cash and check deposits.
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What can I use this machine for?

You can use the machine for all of your traditional teller transactions, such as: to deposit checks and cash, perform a withdrawal, transfer funds, make payments, inquire on service items, and speak to a teller during business hours. Plus, each machine has traditional ATM capabilities.
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Am I still able to go inside if I choose?

Yes. All branches will remain open and staffed with associates ready to assist you.
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Can I put coins in the machines?

No. The KITs do not accept coins. However, the coin machines will still be available in the branch lobbies.
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Am I able to get a cashier’s check, money order, or draft from the machine?

No; however, checks can be printed off in our lobbies by our Concierge or a Member Service Representative.
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Is there an option if I do not feel comfortable speaking sensitive information due to privacy?

Yes. You will have the option to securely chat with our Video Tellers via an on-screen text-like option.
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Will my transaction take longer than it does with a traditional teller?

No. We expect your wait time to be shorter as this is a more efficient method of conducting transactions.
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Are any tellers losing their jobs?

No. We are happy to share that all of our tellers will remain with us, but at one of two centralized locations.
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Can I request a specific teller that I am comfortable with?

Unfortunately, no. We assure you that you will find the same dedicated individuals serving you just as they would in-person at the branches.
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When will I begin to see these at my branch?

All KEMBA branches now have KITs in the drive-thrus. Each branch lobby will begin to see the machines added at different times. We will notify you via email, so you know when to expect the change.
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Why should I use KITs?

KITs allow us to serve you on your schedule, while providing safe, secure transactions. Flexibility is offered to you as you have a choice in support from our tellers during business hours and 24/7 ATM access to conduct various types of transactions.
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How does the machine work?

When you’re ready, simply touch the screen to be connected directly to one of our interactive tellers. You’ll be asked to scan your ID for identification and we will proceed with your transaction.
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I’m a business member—what will change for me?

As a business member, you too gain access to conduct your banking business with tellers and may reduce the wait time. Plus, you will have access to more services after hours, including making cash and check deposits.
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Can I get different amounts of currency other than 20’s at the machine?

Yes. While meeting with the KIT teller, you can make this request. We have $100, $20, $5, and $1 bills available. You are also able to select your own bill denominations when using the ATM function of the machine. Simply enter the amount of your withdrawal, select “SET BILL MIX,” choose which bills you’d like to receive back and then select “CONFIRM.”
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Are the machines secure?

Yes, when banking with a KIT, your transactions are as secure as if you were doing a face to face teller transaction in one of our branches. Just like in a branch we may require an ID for identification purposes and for security purposes all transactions are recorded.
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