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Making decisions can be hard, especially about money and even more so in times when the world is changing daily. We know you’re dealing with a lot; but, that doesn’t mean life’s decisions can be put on hold. We want to help by providing custom solutions for your unique needs with the personal service you deserve.


Tips on getting ahead:

Using a credit card to reduce your debt



It’s important to monitor your credit card rate…a low-rate card will help you pay off balances faster. Transfer your balances to a low-rate KEMBA card today and watch your bills decline! Or, compare rates.

Refinancing student loans



Is student loan debt weighing heavily on your mind? Consolidating your private and federal loans may help you pay it off faster by reducing your rate. Check out the details here, including FAQs. Or, go ahead and find your rate now.


Dealing with high-rate bills you’ve accumulated


Multiple options exist to reduce debt…some, like a personal loan or home equity loan, you may be more familiar with. But, did you know you can refinance your car loan and take advantage of the equity in it to pay off higher rate bills? Your individual situation merits a conversation to determine your best path.

Compare checking accounts

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Tiered interest rates No No
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