Christmas Club Savings


Christmas Club Savings Account


Save for the Holidays all year long with a Christmas Club Savings so you can relax and enjoy the season without dipping into your emergency funds. Select the amount you wish to contribute each month and make deposits by payroll deduction or Direct Deposit, at KEMBA or Shared Branching locations, online, or by telephone. If you need to dip into this account throughout the year, you may want to consider opening a Secondary Savings account as an alternative to avoid the potential of the $10 withdrawal penalty.


  • Account matures on November 1 of each year.

  • Funds are automatically transferred to your Primary Savings account at maturity.

  • There is a $10 fee for early withdrawal of funds.3

For full Membership Agreements and Disclosures, please click here.


1This is a variable rate account. Rates may change after opening. For current dividend rates and corresponding Annual Percentage Yield (APY), refer to KEMBA’s current Account Disclosure Rate Supplement or our current rates page.


2To earn KEMBA Advantage member status, the following requirements must be met each month: (1) Have an active checking account and make at least 15 qualifying transactions, which include any combination of the following: cleared checks, Debit Card transactions, online bill payments, electronic loan payments made from your KEMBA checking account, automatic deposits or withdrawals, and Virtual Deposits; (2) Have Direct Deposit of your entire payroll, Social Security, or pension check (minimum of $1,000/month); (3) Receive eStatements. If you meet the qualifications during a given calendar month, you will enjoy KEMBA Advantage benefits the next month. Members with a KEMBA business relationship can enjoy Advantage benefits for both your personal and business accounts when you meet the following requirements: (1) Make monthly deposits of at least $2,000 into your  business checking or personal checking account; (2) Have at least 15 qualifying checking transactions into your business checking or personal checking, which include any of the following: cleared checks, Debit Card transactions, online bill payments, electronic loan payments made from your KEMBA checking account, automatic deposits or withdrawals, and Virtual Deposits; (3) Receive eStatements. Loan rate discount and Certificate rate bonuses available only to KEMBA Advantage members meeting program requirements for the full life of the loan or Certificate; otherwise the rate will be adjusted. Actual rate bonuses and discounts will vary and are subject to change. Free box of checks is limited to standard Regal check design. KEMBA reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time. Find more information on our Advantage page.


3Your Account will renew automatically at maturity, the 1st day of November each year for this account, and there is no grace period following the maturity date to make withdrawals without penalty. Upon maturity, your entire balance on deposit at that time will automatically be transferred to your Primary Savings Account. We will impose a penalty if you withdraw any funds before the maturity date. The penalty imposed will equal $10.00.

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