Funding Your Home Projects

Start a home improvement project now with a home equity line of credit If your plans are set for a home improvement project, but you’re not certain how much money you’ll need to get started, a home equity line-of-credit (HELOC) from KEMBA Financial Credit Union might be the place to start. Unlike a traditional home…
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Financing Higher Education

Higher education expenses can be shocking and the cost of college goes up with time. Learn how to plan for higher education expenses with our free Financing Higher Education tutorial.

Considering Home Ownership

If you are planning to make the move to home ownership, there are some things you’ll need to know before starting the process. Learn the basics with our free Home Ownership tutorial.

Payday Loans

For some people, payday loans seem like a short term solution to close the gap on your monthly budget. But with most payday loans, the interest rates can hurt more than they help. Learn how payday loans work and ways to get your budget back on track.

Mortgage Modifications

If you’re having trouble making your monthly mortgage payment, learn how simple mortgage modifications may help get your caught up with your mortgage lender.

Credit Scores and Reports

Your credit report is compiled by three major reporting agencies and while they can differ in the final score, the data collected by each agency is the same. Learn how to read your credit score with our free Credit Scores and Reports tutorial.


If you purchase a home, chances are you’ll need a mortgage. Learn how mortgages work and how to stay current on your monthly payments.

Mortgage Delinquency

If you are under water with your home mortgage, the sooner you seek help the better. Many Americans struggle to pay their mortgage payments which puts them behind and at risk for a foreclosure by the bank. Learn about the options available to you to keep your home and get back on track with your…
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Types of Mortgages

If you have purchased a home, or in the process, you need to know your options for financing your home. There are many options available and choosing the right mortgage type will make the home buying experience much more enjoyable. Learn about how mortgage payments are calculated, the types of mortgage loans, and how to…
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Homebuyer Counseling

If you are ready to make the leap to home ownership, there are a few things you need to know going into the process. For some, buying a home is a dream come true but they go into the home buying process without a full understanding. Read these tips on buying a home and educate…
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Behind on Auto Payments

Are you late on your auto payments? It happens to the best of us. In fact, millions of Americans are behind on their car payments. Being behind can be stressful, but there is good news. Learn how to tackle the problem and come up with a plan to get back on track with your auto…
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Auto Loans

Before your purchase your next automobile, make sure you know the basics of auto loans. View our free Auto Loans video and learn how auto loans work.

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