Life Stages

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We Can Help You Make a Smooth Transition to Tomorrow

Your goals. They start one place and - as time passes - they often change. They can depend on your age, family situation, financial status, or the legacy you want to leave for future generations. No matter your stage of life or financial philosophy, we can help you address your unique needs and pursue your next set of goals.

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Saving to Meet a Goal

A good financial advisor can speak with confidence about stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. But that's not where the conversation should start. At KEMBA, our advisors will first find out where things stand with you - and where you want to go. They'll want to gauge your appetite for risk. At that point, they'll outline your investment options and help you create personalized financial plans that work in harmony with your life plans.

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Planning for Retirement

In recent times, the concept of retirement has shifted. People are reaching their golden years in better health and with more energy. They want to do more - and live better. Our advisors can help set the stage. They'll total up how much you're likely to receive from savings, Social Security, pensions and 401(k) Plans. They'll help you determine if that's enough to cover your preferred lifestyle. And they'll discuss what other steps you might take so you don't run out of money before running out of dreams.

College Savings
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Saving for College

We all want to see our children fulfill their potential. In many cases, that means having a higher education. And that can mean a substantial price tag. The good news is there are a number of strategies for saving money needed for college tuition and costs. Our advisors can help you determine whether tax-advantaged 529 Plans, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts or other savings tools are the best way to give the scholar in your family the opportunity they deserve.

Long Term

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Planning for Healthcare and Long-Term Needs

Though we all try to stay healthy, it's possible that the aging process will come with extensive medical care or moving out of a familiar home. Those potential expenses can strain anyone's budget - if you're not prepared. Our advisors can review insurance solutions with you, including Medicare options; life insurance policies; long-term care coverage; and disability protection. The ultimate goal is for you and your loved ones to live out your life in dignity and comfort.

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Leaving a Legacy

For many people, a high priority in life is providing for family members. With the right planning, you can continue that financial support even after you pass on. Our advisors will help you evaluate life insurance options and create a plan for your estate that may help protect - and even grow - your assets. The result can be a better life for the loved ones you leave behind.


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