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Long-Term Solutions from Your Committed Partner for Life

The world of investing includes an array of options and countless scenarios. KEMBA Wealth Management advisors provide clarity and valuable insight to help guide you toward your specific goals.

stocks, bonds and short-term investments

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a practical, cost-efficient way to build a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and short-term investments with a pool of like-minded investors that may be difficult to recreate individually. We will help you make your choices according to your unique needs, and a professional portfolio manager will continually review the portfolio to monitor performance.


Retirement and IRAs

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is designed for building retirement savings. Many types of investment options are available, including stocks and bonds. There are several types of IRAs with unique tax advantages, and we’ll help you determine which to select based on your needs.

Fixed Income

Fixed Income & Bonds

Fixed income investments generally pay a fixed interest until a maturity date. Individual bonds may be the best known type of fixed income security, but the category also includes bond funds, ETFs, CDs, and money market funds. We'll help you find the right fit and the right mix of investments.


Additional Services

KEMBA Wealth Advisors have experience to help you with your standard retirement and investment needs and beyond. See below for additional services we specialize in. 

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Managed Accounts

Our goal is to make investing clear and straightforward, so you are more confident in your decisions. Then we take on the work for you and adjust your strategy as life events and market changes dictate.
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529 College Savings Plan

529 plans provide flexible, tax-advantage accounts designed specifically for education savings. Funds can be used for qualified education expenses at schools nationwide.
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An annuity can provide annual income throughout your retirement. Choose from a fixed or variable annuity, largely based on your risk threshold and your individual needs. Our team can guide you in making the choice that fits your lifestyle.
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Long-Term Care

Long-term care is a range of services, at home or in a facility, that help you perform everyday tasks you no longer can complete on your own. Several available options help you plan for, and pay for, this type of care. Plan ahead to avoid depleting your personal savings during an extended long-term care situation.
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Life Insurance Options

Get the peace of mind you and your family need through policies that protect your finances. We'll explain and help you choose from Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance options.


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