KEMBA's Chip Card is
a better way to shop.

Chip cards are a new feature that offers you added security keeping your identity and accounts safe from fraud.

What is EMV?
EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard®, and Visa®. It is a Credit or Debit card that’s embedded with a microchip. We simply call this your chip card.


What is a chip card?
A chip card has a micro-chip embedded into the card adding an extra layer of security to your card transactions. The chip stores the same information as the magnetic stripe found on the back of your credit or Debit Cards; however, the chip encrypts your transaction data with a unique code every time you use your card to keep your identity and personal information much more secure.


What does a chip card look like?
If a card has chip technology, you will see a small metal square on the front left of the card above the account number.


Are EMV cards, chip cards, and smart chip cards different?
Many financial institutions and retailers use different terminology for chip cards, but there is really no difference. These are simply different names used to reference the same technology.


Does the chip have GPS tracking?
It does not track or store your purchase history or provide location assistance if your card is lost or stolen. It is only for adding an additional layer of fraud protection to your card. The chip codes certain parts of your transactions when used at participating retailers.


What’s the difference between a “chip & signature” and a ‘chip & PIN’ card?
The chip and PIN and chip and signature cards offer enhanced security to protect your card against fraudulent activity. The only difference is the chip and PIN card requires you to enter a PIN to complete the transaction. Your KEMBA Credit and Debit Card will function the same as it does today requiring you to press ‘credit’ and provide a signature, when requested, or enter your PIN to complete your transaction.


Why is KEMBA offering chip cards?
At KEMBA, your security is our top priority.  The benefits of chip card technology is that it offers additional security to protect you, our member, against fraud making it more difficult for unauthorized users to copy or access your card information. Plus, we are always searching for new ways to enhance our members’ experience with the most recent technology while giving you peace of mind.


Will I have to pay an additional fee for the chip card?
No. The current fees remain the same on your chip card as they do today. We want to make sure cardholders have the benefit of this added card security and greater global acceptance without any additional fees.


When will I receive a chip card?
We began introducing chip credit cards in 2015 and plan to offer chip Debit Cards throughout 2016, starting with issuing renewal cards monthly.


How do I use my chip card?
It’s easy. When making a purchase at a retailer with a chip-enabled register, simply insert your chip card into the terminal slot (often referred to as ‘card dipping’) and follow the prompts on the screen. You will still authorize the transaction by signing your name. If the retailer doesn’t have chip-enabled registers, swipe the card and sign your name as you do today. When in doubt, follow the prompts at the register if you are not sure whether you should swipe or insert your card. There are no changes to phone or online transactions.

Step 1: Go to Settings, Select 'Wallet & Apple Pay.'
Step 2: Select 'Add Credit or Debit Card'
Step 3: Take a picture of your card or manually enter information.


Why does my card still have the magnetic stripe on the back? When will I use it?
Your chip card will still have a magnetic stripe on the back for those retailers you shop that don’t have chip reader terminals at the checkout. So, it all depends on whether the retailer has a chip reader-enabled terminal or a magnetic stripe terminal. Simply follow the terminal prompts to guide you through the transaction.


How do I use my chip card when making a purchase online or over the phone?
Just like you do today. You will continue to use the same procedures when making a purchase over the phone or online with your new chip card.


Will my KEMBA card number change?
If you have a credit card, for additional security you will receive a new card number. This will also eliminate the need to replace all credit cards on the account if a primary, joint, or authorized signer card is lost or stolen. Debit Card numbers will remain the same unless you request a replacement due to a lost, stolen, or compromised card . As a result, you will need to update your card information (your card number, expiration date, and 3-digit CVV security code) where it is stored for recurring payments.


Will my expiration date change when I receive my new chip card?
Yes, your expiration date will change, so you may need to update your card information where it is stored for recurring payments, such as online bills and subscriptions. Please check to ensure you do not miss a payment.


Where is the chip card currently used?
Chip technology is already widespread outside of the United States, with it being more common in Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and some European countries. The U.S. is preparing for the introduction of chip reader-enabled terminals at retailers across nationwide over the next few years.


What if I continue to use my old card and not the chip card?
For your security, we will deactivate the old card after we have given you plenty of time to activate your new chip card. Keep in mind, the chip card still has the magnetic stripe on the back of your card so you can continue to use the card as you do today at the stores you shop that don’t have a chip enabled register.


How does my chip card protect my information?
Every time you use your card at a chip terminal, the embedded chip generates a unique transaction code. This prevents any stolen data from being fraudulently used.


Can I still pay bills automatically with my new chip card?
Yes, you can; however, you’ll need to update your card number, expiration date, and 3-digit CVV security code with any retailers who currently bill your account automatically once your new card arrives and is activated. Plus, you can still monitor and manage your account anytime with KEMBA’s Digital Banking. Or call us at the phone number on the back of your card.


We’re very excited to be able to introduce EMV chip technology to our members. If you have any additional questions about our upgrade to EMV credit and Debit Cards, please give us a call at 614.235.2395 or 800.282.6420, option 4. A KEMBA representative will be happy to assist you.

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