KEMBA Certificates are an excellent investment tool offering highly competitive dividend rates with a wide-range of maturities – from 3 months to 7 years – to fit your financial needs.


To reduce the likelihood of paying an early withdrawal penalty on your hard-earned money, we highly recommend not relying upon your Certificates for emergency savings, and instead having three to six months of liquid funds available should the unexpected occur. Check out our Money Market accounts for a more flexible option!


  • Fixed rate for the length of the certificate term.1

  • Advantage members receive exclusive rate bonuses.2

  • Terms starting at 3 months and up to 7 years.

  • Minimum balance requirement of only $500.3

  • Automatically renew at maturity.

For full Membership Agreements and Disclosures, please click here.


1For the current dividend rate and corresponding Annual Percentage Yield (APY), refer to the account disclosure rate supplement or our current rates page.


2To earn KEMBA Advantage member status, the following requirements must be met each month: (1) Have an active checking account and make at least 15 qualifying transactions, which include any combination of the following: cleared checks, Debit Card transactions, online bill payments, electronic loan payments made from your KEMBA checking account, automatic deposits or withdrawals, and Virtual Deposits; (2) Have Direct Deposit of your entire payroll, Social Security, or pension check (minimum of $1,000/month); (3) Receive eStatements. If you meet the qualifications during a given calendar month, you will enjoy KEMBA Advantage benefits the next month. Members with a KEMBA business relationship can enjoy Advantage benefits for both your personal and business accounts when you meet the following requirements: (1) Make monthly deposits of at least $2,000 into your  business checking or personal checking account; (2) Have at least 15 qualifying checking transactions into your business checking or personal checking, which include any of the following: cleared checks, Debit Card transactions, online bill payments, electronic loan payments made from your KEMBA checking account, automatic deposits or withdrawals, and Virtual Deposits; (3) Receive eStatements. Loan rate discount and Certificate rate bonuses available only to KEMBA Advantage members meeting program requirements for the full life of the loan or Certificate; otherwise the rate will be adjusted. Actual rate bonuses and discounts will vary and are subject to change. Free box of checks is limited to standard Regal check design. KEMBA reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time. Learn more on our Advantage page.


3The minimum balance required to open this Account is $500.00. You must maintain a balance equal to the minimum balance required to open Your Account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield and to keep Your Account open.


4Your Account will mature after the term indicated on the accompanying account disclosure rate supplement. Your Account will renew automatically at maturity. You will have a grace period of 10 calendar days following the Maturity Date to make withdrawals and/or deposits without penalty.


Early Withdrawal Provisions: We will impose a penalty if you withdraw any of the principal funds before the maturity date. The penalty imposed will equal the greater of: (i) 50.00% of the dividends accrued on the principal amount withdrawn; (ii) 7 days’ dividends accrued on the principal amount withdrawn; or (iii) $25.00.


Transaction Limitations: Once your account is established, you may not make deposits into your account until the maturity of your account. If you exceed this limitation, your account may be subject to closure by the Credit Union.

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