How to Pay for Graduate School

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Posted on January 24, 2023

Graduate school can be a rewarding, but expensive, experience. While you build on the education you received in your undergraduate schooling and take your knowledge to the next level, it can provide sticker shock when you see the tuition fees on paper. Here are some ideas for funding your graduate school endeavors.

Student Loans

Student loans are one of the most common ways that people pay for their education. Unfortunately, taking out a student loan does lock you into making a monthly payment six months after you graduate. However, there are plenty of federally subsidized programs that students may qualify for. If you don’t qualify for any federally subsidized programs, there are still plenty of private graduate lenders out there who can help, like KEMBA Financial!

School Specific Programs

If you don’t want to take the student loan route to pay for your grad school, many schools offer fellowships and other school-specific programs that can help with education expenses. Graduate students can usually have their tuition paid for and receive a stipend in exchange for doing research work or working as a Teaching Assistant (TA). While this may not be the most glamorous work, it’s a great way to get a free (or heavily subsidized) education and build out your resume at the same time!


Getting a grant or scholarship is probably the best, but most difficult form of tuition assistance since there are many applications for a few grants or scholarships. Grants and scholarship applications can be time consuming, so be judicious with which ones you choose to pursue. But remember, it may be worth it when you get thousands of dollars towards your education.

KEMBA Can Help

If you’re going to college, whether that be as an undergraduate or graduate student, and you need to take out a private student loan, KEMBA can help.  We provide our borrowers with the funds they need to pay for their education at great interest rates. To learn more about the student loan products we offer, contact our local, dedicated associates at 614.235.2395 and select Option 2 to start the process.


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