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It's instant, secure & convenient.

Update your card info everywhere you pay online.

Use KEMBA's Card Updater tool to establish your card as your preferred method of payment.

KEMBA Financial Credit Union Member Owner Mastercard Debit Card and Visa Rewards Credit Card

Here's how it works:

  • Enter your card and billing information for your KEMBA Rewards Visa Credit Card.
  • Select the sites at which you would like to update your new KEMBA Rewards Visa Credit Card.
  • Provide login information for your selected sites and let the automatic card updating tool handle the rest.

No credentials, personal, or credit card information is retained.

The card updater will make your life easier! It is a secure tool to update and replace your old credit cards on your online accounts with your new credit card - all in one step in one place.

No. There is no fee for cardholders to update their cards.

The service will go to all of your selected sites to automatically and securely update your card as the default payment method at those sites.

The technology will safely and securely update your preferred payment method on the selected sites, saving you time and energy from going to each individual site and entering your payment information.
Once you've completed the updates for your first card you may start the process over again with your second card.

Yes! End-to-end encryption means no one can access your sensitive information but you. The security design exceeds Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Services (PCI DSS) requirements.

None of your personally identifiable information is stored during or upon completion of updating your sites. Your sensitive information is securely and permanently discarded once it is placed on the merchant sites you have selected. 

Your information is protected in transport with multi-level end-to-end encryption (256-bit SSL/TLS).
All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) information is NOT kept. The only information kept is audit records about what payment methods were placed on which sites, but no account numbers, security codes, addresses, etc. are kept after the update completes.

You will need to know your username/email and password for each merchant site to complete the update process.

You can go to the merchant sites individually and change what card you have on file at any time.

We've listed the top sites where you might want to update your card. If you don't see the site you would like to update, you may go to the site individually and update it manually.

Yes, the billing address given during the first step of the updating process will be updated on the sites you select along with the card number.

Within minutes of completing the card updating process, you will receive an email with the status of your merchant account updates. A successful update means the new card information is set as your preferred payment method at that site and you may shop, stream, and pay as you please! 

Check to make sure you provided the right login credentials, or you may go to the sites individually and update them manually.

Check to make sure you provided the right login credentials, or you may go to the sites individually and update them manually.

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