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At its core, our credit card delivers more

You know about the fantastic rate and valuable rewards that are part of KEMBA Financial Credit Union's Platinum Rewards Visa®. Dig deeper and you'll find more reasons why this credit card should become your go-to.

Green online chat icon 24/7 Support

We're always here to help if you have questions about your KEMBA Platinum Rewards Visa® or you need to report your card lost, stolen, damaged or compromised. Call us at 614.235.2395 or 800.282.6420, option 3.

Green cell phone icon Automatic Text and Email Alerts

Stay on top of all our transactions by receiving alerts whenever suspicious activity occurs. You're automatically enrolled in this feature when you receive your card. When you're alerted, simply verify the transaction to proceed as usual, or confirm that it's suspicious and we'll investigate.

Green digital banking icon Custom Alerts

Click here to establish your own transaction alert preferences via text or email which allows you to monitor your accounts frequently, even in real time. Set alerts for purchases by amount, international purchases, online purchases, or declined transactions.

Green card icon Card Updater

Select your favorite merchants to instantly update your card information and establish your new KEMBA card as your primary payment method everywhere you shop or pay! Learn more on how.

Green card approved icon Combating Identity Theft

Add extra layers of protection against identity theft by enrolling in ID Navigator from NortonLifeLock. These tools empower you to act quickly and safeguard your information. Confirm your eligibility here.

Green security shield icon Zero Liability Protection

You won't have to worry about unauthorized transactions on your account. You pay only for legitimate purchases. You're never held liable if your card is compromised by fraud.

Green keys icon Roadside Dispatch

Car trouble at any time can be stressful. You have 24/7 access to pay-per-use roadside assistance, including towing or locksmith service, by calling 800.847.2869. Roadside Dispatch will ask where you are, what the problem is, and remain on the phone while arranging for help.

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