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Student Loans 101 For New and Graduating Students

The process of obtaining student loans can be incredibly confusing and intimidating, for both parents and students. After the loans are funded, the interest rates you pay, and repayment plans add to the complexity of student loans. In this article, we cover what you need to know about student loans before and after graduation.
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Teaching Your Kids Banking Basics

Teaching kids to be responsible with money is a foundation that will last them the rest of their lives. Starting when they are young, you can instill sound financial management skills that will teach the value of money, the benefits of saving, and the importance of being wise with how they spend their money.

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Establishing Healthy Financial Habits

How to Establish Healthy Financial Habits Unfortunately, many consumers in the United States are not well-educated about money and how to effectively manage it. This has led to high-interest credit card and personal loan debt that’s sweeping the nation. To help our members establish a solid financial foundation, we’ve put together a list of some…
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Options for homeowners behind on mortgage payments

What to Do if You’re Falling Behind on Your Mortgage Many people experience financial difficulty at some point in their life, which may result in a missed mortgage payment or two. Unfortunately, when homeowners fall on tough times, remaining delinquent on their mortgage payment can result in losing your home, also known as a foreclosure….
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How to Avoid Overdraft Fees

How to Avoid Overdraft Fees It’s no secret that overdraft fees are a pain to deal with because they cost you your hard-earned money and often show up on your bank statement at the worst times. If you’ve ever been charged an overdraft fee, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Over 39 million adults have reported…
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Tips for Managing Your Money

Financial Success is Not Accidental Many people think that to be financially successful, one needs to be born into money or get lucky. However, those assumptions are far from the truth! Financially successful people come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. The one thing that they have in common is…
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The Convenience of Online Banking

The Convenience of Online Banking The digitization of banking, also known as mobile or online banking, has been an ongoing process over the last ten years – and with changes in technology, the best of mobile banking is yet to come. Online and mobile banking puts access to your bank account(s) a few clicks away…
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Tips for Reducing Consumer Debt

Whether you are living within your means or have overextended yourself financially, a debt reduction plan is one way to put your income to work, pay less interest and see your balances start to shrink.

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Knowing when to refinance your mortgage

A mortgage refinance is a great tool to help you grow and preserve the equity in your home. Knowing when to start the process is an important step. Review these scenarios where a mortgage refinance may be the right move.

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Recovering Financially from 2020

The year 2020 is one that you will tell your kids and grandkids about for years to come. Now that it’s behind us, there are many reasons to be optimistic in the coming year as we all recover from the challenges of 2020. One way to start 2021 off right is to take a look at your financial situation and find ways to make it a great year for your money.

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Buying a Home

Owning your own home can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. Learn what you need to know before beginning the process of buying a home.

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Maximizing Your Retirement Savings

Are you retired and worried about your retirement income? Learn some basic ways to supplement your income, reduce your living expenses and ensure that your savings will last through your retirement.

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Becoming a Financial Caregiver

As parents age, you may need to step in as a Financial Caregiver. Learn what is involved, what legal steps you may need to take and how to assist your loved one with managing their finances.

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Why Families Should Talk About Money

Talking about money doesn’t have to be difficult or uncomfortable. Learn how to have those conversations in the course of everyday life and keep the conversation as your children get older and start taking on money management responsibilities.

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Creating a Debt Management Plan

The best way to achieve a goal in life is to create a plan. If you are dealing with overwhelming debt, the best way to overcome that debt is creating a plan, changing your spending habits and diligently paying down your balances.

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Family Budgeting

Sitting down as a family and discussing the family budget is a healthy financial discipline. By sharing the budget with everyone, you not only get their buy-in to stay on budget, but you also teach your kids the importance of budgeting their money.

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The Basics of Estate Planning

Estate planning is a legal activity that directs your wealth and assets to who you choose to include in your final wishes. Planning a wealth transfer strategy now makes it easier for your family after you are gone.

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Managing your Finances in Tough Times

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 virus has sent the financial markets, local commerce and life itself into a tailspin. In times like this, the first thing consumers worry about is how they are going to pay their bills. This crisis, like others before, will pass and life will adjust and resume, but there are some…
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Getting Financially Fit in 2020

A New Year’s Resolution You Can’t Afford to Ignore When you think of New Year’s resolutions, you probably think about losing weight or giving up a bad habit like smoking or eating too much sugar, but the beginning of a brand new decade can also be an ideal time to hit the reset button on…
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Planning for a Financial Caregiver

As you see the signs of an aging parent or loved one, you realize that they may need your help managing their finances. Learn how to prepare and what steps you need to take now to ensure a smooth transition when the time comes.

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Tips For Living Stress-Free This Holiday Season

For many, the holiday season is a time for making memories, sharing joy, seeing friends and family and….STRESS. Holiday-induced stress can ruin the holiday experience, and every year it seems that holiday stress grows. We stress about buying the right gift for people in our lives, juggling calendars and making time for everyone on our…
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How to turn your holiday financial stress into 2020 success

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! December is a month full of food, family, goodwill, and cheer. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, yet the majority of Americans report feeling stressed during this month. The Stress of the Holidays A 2017 America Psychological Association study found that 62% of Americans stress about money…
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KEMBA Christmas Club

Be ready for the holidays with a Christmas Club Savings account from KEMBA Try as you might, putting money away for the holidays—money you promise not to spend until the Yuletide season—is a challenge for many people. KEMBA Financial Credit Union has the perfect solution: a Christmas Club Savings account. An easy way to save…
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Considering Home Ownership

If you are planning to make the move to home ownership, there are some things you’ll need to know before starting the process. Learn the basics with our free Home Ownership tutorial.


Taxes are a certainty in life. For most Americans, taxes are withheld from their paychecks and reconciled at the end of the year with a tax return. Learn how taxes work with our free Taxes tutorial.

Budgeting Tool

Building a monthly budget is key to making the most of your income. Use our free Budgeting Tool to create a manageable budget for your family.

Ways to Build Credit as a Student

You have to start somewhere. As a student, there are some easy ways to start building your credit history which will help you borrow for school, purchase a car and rent an apartment when the time comes. Learn what credit history is and how to start building a solid foundation when you are just starting…
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Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

Some believe that bankruptcy is a process that you cannot recover from financially. While bankruptcy can be a daunting process, there are ways to rebuild your credit after filing for bankruptcy. There is hope for those who have gone through this process. Review our tips for rebuilding your credit after a personal bankruptcy.

Debt Management Plans

If you are losing sleep over your financial situation, a debt management plan may be just what you need. A debt management plan is simply a plan that helps you attack your debt with the income you have. A financial counselor can work with you to create the plan and help you stick to it….
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Money Management

Many Americans spend more than they make which over time snowballs into money problems. It also makes saving money difficult because there isn’t anything left after the bills are paid. This problem is demonstrated by the fact that 40% of Americans would have difficulty covering a $400 emergency. If you are struggling to save, you…
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Understanding Your Credit

Understanding your credit score can be tricky. There are many factors that go into your score such as the type and amount of debts you carry, your history of paying on time & more. Learn how your credit score is calculated, what a good score looks like and how to obtain a copy of your…
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Budgeting Worksheet

Any financial expert will tell you that a budget is a key component to managing your money. Whether you are paid monthly, weekly or bi-weekly, a budget helps you determine where your money goes and how much is left to save and spend. If you aren’t familiar with building a budget, follow this link to…
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