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Financial Counseling


KEMBA Financial Credit Union has teamed up with GreenPath Financial Wellness, a financial education and counseling program. You will enjoy unlimited access to financial counselors without paying anything – it’s free! Your free counseling and education resources with GreenPath Financial Wellness include:


Toll-Free Information Line
Contact the GreenPath Financial Wellness program for immediate help with any financial questions. No appointment is necessary. Call 1-877-337-3399 today!


Financial Counseling Sessions
A financial counselor will focus on your concerns and needs, work with you to understand your financial situation, and help you develop a customized budget and detailed action plan based on your individual goals.


Debt Management Plan
If a Debt Management Plan (DMP) is a viable option for you, an GreenPath Financial Wellness counselor will help you prioritize your payments, negotiate payment amounts, and set up payment schedules with your creditors.


Credit Report Review
A credit report review will help you evaluate your credit report, learn to dispute inaccurate information, and understand all aspects of credit scoring. You can get a copy of your personal credit report from GreenPath Financial Wellness for a nominal fee (state restrictions may apply).


Housing Counseling
As a HUD-approved housing counseling organization, GreenPath Financial Wellness can help you with pre-purchase education, reverse mortgage counseling, or foreclosure prevention issues.


Online Education
Visit http://www.greenpath.com/greenpath-financial-wellness for tools and tips you can use today.


BudgetSmart is easy-to-use budgeting software that you can download for free.


CheckRight is an online education module designed to teach you how to manage a checking account.
Visit the GreenPath Financial Wellness website and learn more!

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