New Digital Banking Platform

More access. More options.

Available Now! 


This new Digital Banking Platform will provide a better overall experience and make accessing, viewing, and managing your financial information on your personal devices even simpler.


To prepare for the transition to the new platform, there are a few key items to keep in mind:


  • You will need to re-enroll for Digital Banking on the new platform which can be done on your mobile device or desktop. For re-enrollment, you will need the following information.
    1. Your member account number
    2. Your mobile phone number on record with KEMBA
    3. Your email address on record with KEMBA
    4. Your Social Security Number


  • There will be a new Mobile App to download. For your convenience, your current Mobile App will redirect you to the new app to download once it’s available. Additionally, you can follow the links to either the Apple® App Store® or Google Play Store, or you can simply search “KEMBA Financial Credit Union” to locate and download it. Sometimes the app vendors can take additional time to process the app and place it in the app store; if you experience this delay, please note that you can use the new Digital Banking platform in your internet browser on your mobile device as well as your desktop with all the same features.


  • You will need to set-up 2-Factor Authentication to use the Digital Banking platform. Two-Factor Authentication (sometimes referred to as 2FA or 2-Step Verification) is a security measure that gives you a one-time access code to log in to Digital Banking. The code enhances the security by creating an added layer on top of your unique username and password. When you sign in you’ll be asked for a 2-Factor Authentication code that will be sent to you via a method that you choose during enrollment. The new platform will support functionality for SMS text, voice, or Authenticator Apps such as Authy. Please reference our FAQ page here for additional information about 2-Factor Authentication and how to set up additional 2-Factor Authentication methods for yourself or Joint Account owners.


  • There may be a slight delay populating your information and having access to the full list of services available in the new Digital Banking platform. While most of your Digital Banking information and service functionality will be populated immediately, it may take up to 24 hours to have full access to everything in the new system. We appreciate your patience.



Visit our FAQs to learn more about what’s available, where things are, an how to use the features and services on the new Digital Banking Platform. 


Get Started with Digital Banking

Digital Banking Enrollment

Logging In To KEMBA Digital Banking

Account Recovery Instructions

New & Enhanced Features:

Unified tools available across Desktop & Mobile

A new Mobile App

An integrated, seamless single interface across all your electronic devices

A secure 2-Factor Authentication login that further improves the safety of your personal information

Ability to send external transfers from the Mobile App

Customizable dashboards

Enhanced secure communication and data sharing

Add a deposit account for Certificates, Money Markets, Secondary Savings & Christmas Club Savings

Integration of CU Student Choice for Student Loans

Streamlined payment process for Bill Pay

And more!

New Features Available in the Mobile App

mobile device

External transfers
Payments (Bill Pay)
Third-Party payments
KEMBA Wealth Management Investments
Check images
Advantage status and qualifying transactions
Tax forms and notices
Skip a payment
Overdraft services opt-in/out
Share & loan details
Withdraw by check
Order checks via Harland Clarke
Edit profile and contact information
Ability to send technical “feedback” via Conversations for troubleshooting purposes
In-App rating

New Features Available on Desktop


Remote deposit history, calendar, and check deposit images
Quick action buttons
Advanced transaction history search and sorting tools for desktop


For more information about the coming changes, please reference our FAQ page.

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